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Somewhere, Beyond the Sea, Italian Seafood

Italians love their seafood! And why wouldn’t they? Their country is a peninsula, completely surrounded by water. In fact, one of Italians’ favorite ways to celebrate the holidays is through a Southern Italian tradition called “Feast of the 7 Fishes”, celebrated on Christmas Eve. Today, this Italian tradition (also known as “La Vigilia”, is shared by families across the globe.

The Feast of the 7 Fishes includes a variety of fish and seafood, which is also popular in other Italian cuisine. Dishes such as calamari, baccala (codfish), oysters, scallops, whiting, clams, shrimp, and even eel are traditional favorites.

When it comes to the seafood you’ll find at Rosedale, there are so many different types, cooked in so many ways, it is hard to choose! We are pleased to have received so many rave reviews on our seafood dishes. Seafood is a nice way to enjoy a lighter meal, and can be so delicious when prepared with perfection.

One of our favorites is Seafood Pescatore, a mouth watering mixture of clams, mussels, calamari and shrimp, served over perfectly cooked pasta. Some other great dishes for shellfish lovers are Shrimp scampi or the delicious Mussels marinara.

As we leave the shellfish and go a little deeper to sea, we can’t leave out our much acclaimed calamari! This is a succulent, deep sea calamari, seasoned, lightly breaded, quick-fried and served with our signature marinara sauce. Our calamari comes from Rhode Island. We have found that domestic calamari is the best in texture and taste.

We serve many other seafood dishes as daily specials at Rosedale’s. They can be combined with either a pasta or medley of fresh vegetables and many different tantalizing sauces. We receive seafood fresh to assure you get the best possible meal. Fillets of choice are often bass, grouper, salmon, barramundi, lemon sole, and swordfish…just to name a few!