Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Even though we hand selected only the best and original classic Italian dishes to create our menu, our cooks are flexible. If you don’t find what you’re looking for we would be happy to do our best to accommodate your taste buds!

If given advance notice, we can prepare most dishes. Some dishes can also be prepared when asked for at the table. However, we strive to keep the flow of the kitchen moving smoothly to provide a better dinning experience to all of our customers, and so we cannot guarantee this.

We will not only participate with the Naples, Florida community, we feel it is our duty to do so.

As they support Rosedale Brick Oven, we will be happy to do the same for them. That is what families do.

We welcome all the Naples community schools, businesses, religious groups, law and fire workers. Tell us how we can accommodate you and we will try our best to do so.

Our Italian restaurant located near the heart of Naples was started by two guys with a passion for good home made Italian Food!

Making wood fired authentic pizza napoletana is our joy. Family recipes that are followed to the letter and a family feel throughout the restaurant. We want to know our patrons and we want them to know us.

In order to better share our love of home made Italian food we would love to have a few locations, but never without our consistency in food, ambiance and excellent service.

The main purpose of the Naples restaurant decor, is to create a soothing, comfortable feeling that enhances your dining experience. You can enjoy your brick oven pizza at the Naples restaurant, while surrounded by videos that stir up conversation and bring back reminiscent smiles.

The brick and wood accents throughout, give Rosedale Brick Oven a real Tuscan feel. Vintage black and white pictures are sure to bring smiles and comments to your table.

The music is soft in your mind from artists that had voices which sounded like instruments. Nothing harsh, nothing cold… just unique.

The best pizza anywhere should come from old world pizza makers (Pizzaioli) in Naples, Italia.

We wanted to duplicate a pizza you would have if you were at a restaurant in Naples, Italia. There is no other way to do this except with the true Neapolitan standards of a wood fire, Caputo flour, San Marzano tomatoes, fresh basil and fresh mozzarella.

Our relatives in Italy would concur with us. Of course, you need to watch the brick oven closely to perfect the baking process. We have mastered this well and are proud to create the best pizza in Naples, Florida.