World Wildlife Fund

Rosedale Brick Oven is a proud donor to the World Wildlife Fund. Helping secure the safety and well being of so many special animals is something we are very proud to be a part of.

Broccoli Rabe…… It’s back!

Broccoli Rabe……it’s back! Available four styles. On a white pizza with sweet sausage. With rigatoni pasta and sweet sausage in a garlic and oil sauce. With a pin wheel Chivalini sausage and roasted potatoes or as a side. It’s a beautiful thing.

St. Jude Hospital Proud Contributor

Rosedale Brick Oven is a proud contributor to the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Please join with us as we help these families in need and those innocent, helpless children in their time of need. Such angelic faces and souls going through such a travesty. GOD bless them all.

Calamari Delight

There’s soft and tender domestic calamari and there’s a “Synthetic conch” foreign calamari from the far East.

Our domestic Calamari from Rhode Island has been a diners delight. Soft and tender, everyone tastes the difference.  Our Seafood Pescatore, Calamari Fritti and NY Calamari are just a few ways you can experience this delicious seafood.


NY Calamari

Why choose the name Rosedale Brick Oven?

Although our families started and ended in other communities, the friendship began in Rosedale, a neighborhood in Queens County, NY. It will always be a special place in our hearts with many good memories. We are truly amazed at the “buzz” the name Rosedale Brick Oven has created. Numerous people have come in to see the “guys from Rosedale”. Whether they were from Rosedale or surrounding neighborhoods, it has given us and our patrons many walks down memory lane. It was the best name we could have chosen for our Italian restaurant.

What makes Rosedale’s Brick Oven Special?