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What Would Italian Food be Without Fresh Garlic!

Heaven forbid we ever experienced the loss of garlic. This treasure is found in every Italian kitchen, sometimes next to their vitamins…and rightfully so. Not only is garlic delicious, but it’s also good for you. Garlic has been proven to be good for your heart, and has other medicinal qualities which have been used for […]

The Power of Onions in Italian Food

So good, they’ll make you cry! When it comes to an Italian kitchen, onions are used in so many dishes, we don’t know where to start. Whether they are standing out on a salad, adding flavor and texture to a pizza, or combined with other ingredients, many of our dishes would lose their touch without […]

Somewhere, Beyond the Sea, Italian Seafood

Italians love their seafood! And why wouldn’t they? Their country is a peninsula, completely surrounded by water. In fact, one of Italians’ favorite ways to celebrate the holidays is through a Southern Italian tradition called “Feast of the 7 Fishes”, celebrated on Christmas Eve. Today, this Italian tradition (also known as “La Vigilia”, is shared by […]

Getting to the Meat of It, Favorite Italian Meats

As you’ve probably figured out…when it comes to Italians, food is a way of life. Special attention is given to each and every ingredient this is used in Italian cooking. The meat is no exception! Italian meats are made with select ingredients and an array of savory spices. Although Italian cooking can incorporate many different […]

Cooking Italian Food? Only Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Will Do!

Fruit such as tomatoes, eggplant, string beans and squash are often mistaken for vegetables because they are used in savory cooking. Grocery stores and cookbooks only add to the confusion by labeling and organizing produce according to culinary usage, rather than botanical classification. A basic rule of thumb: if the edible plant in question has […]