Feedback and Response to our Restaurant

The responses have been amazing. We have guests coming into the our Italian restaurant several times a week to dine. Many people have come to the restaurant after being told about us from their friends and family. People are even calling us from home to congratulate us on the atmosphere, friendliness and most of all, the taste of the food.

Look at these Mussels!

Its been a choice of  mussels at Rosedale this week. Our delicious PEI Mussels in a marinara sauce (always a favorite) has been joined this week with our PEI Mussels in a saffron sauce, topped with arugula and onion. Come down and grab on to some!

Catch this!

This weeks fish special is Fresh Red grouper in a sweet chili/mango sauce topped with almonds and served with fresh garden veggies and homemade mashed potatoes.



FREE EBook: 10 Ways to Enjoy Traditional Italian Food

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  • 3 – Find the Perfect Naples Restaurant
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Take a look inside….

Sicilian Rice BallOur delicious Arancini, better known as “the Riceball”. A delicious blend of our bolognese meat, gardfen peas, fresh cheeses and home made risotto rice. All rolled, breaded and served to you with a side of fresh ricotta cheese and homemade marinara sauce. Come taste  what everyone is talking about!

Shape Matters……….

RigatoniFusilliFettuccineWhen it comes to pasta, Shape does matter. Whether it’s catching ingredients, getting them caught in their grooves or intwined with their strands, each pasta shape has a purpose. That’s why we give numerous pasta choices to pair with your selected sauce. Everyone gets to pick their weapon of choice. Come visit us and give it a go !!