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Best Brick Oven Wood Fired Pizza & Italian Restaurant in Coral Springs & Naples


Rosedale Brick Oven is a Pizza and Italian Restaurant serving the best wood fired Pizza and authentic New York style Italian cuisine at our Coral Springs(FL) and Naples(FL) locations.

Real Italian Pizza prepared with imported San Marzano tomatoes and cooked in our authentic wood fired brick oven. We take pride us using finest imported and local ingredients for our Pizza, Pasta and all Italian delicacies. With homemade bread, pasta and sauces, you will have a totally authentic Italian experience!

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Why Eat at Rosedale Brick Oven?


Why Choose the Name Rosedale Brick Oven?

Compressed_IMG_7809 Fettuccine PrimaveraAlthough our families started and ended in other communities, the friendship began in Rosedale, a neighborhood in Queens County, NY. It will always be a special place in our hearts with many good memories. We are truly amazed at the “buzz” the name of Rosedale Brick Oven has created.

Numerous people have come in to see the “guys from Rosedale”. Whether they were from Rosedale or surrounding neighborhoods, it has given us and our patrons many walks down memory lane. It was the best name we could have chosen for our Italian restaurant


What makes Rosedale's Brick Oven so Special?

Compressed_Make your own pizzaBrick ovens are a commonly found in Italian homes, and have been for centuries. They have earned an especially well-known reputation in Italy in the ancient Roman civilization for their craftsmanship. Brick ovens have been discovered in the ancient ruins of Pompeii which is part of their interesting history.  To ensure you have a wonderful dining experience at Rosedale Brick Oven we continue the original tradition of cooking with wood in our brick oven for all our pizzas and baked foods.  Spread the word to your friends that are looking for places to eat in Naples and Coral Springs, Florida that Rosedale is the Italian restaurant where you can always enjoy a relaxing Italian meal.

What has the Response been like about Rosedale Brick Oven?

Compressed_IMG_7813 Gnocci and Meatballs w_marinaraThe responses have been amazing. We have guests coming into the our Italian restaurant several times a week to dine. Many people have come to the restaurant after being told about us from their friends and family. People are even calling us from home to congratulate us on the atmosphere, friendliness and most of all, the taste of the food.

Our goal was to duplicate a true Pizza Napoletana as in Napoli while cooking Italian dishes with an authentic New York style. Combined with old classic videos, great sounds from the doo-wop and rat pack era along with some great black and white photos, we wanted to give a very relaxing feel while dining with us.  The overwhelming response from our customers has been a clear indication we have been achieving this goal with great success. We are very pleased our customers enjoy them all as much as we enjoy preparing and providing them.